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(Feb 6 2016)

SDR data files

The links on this page point to locations from where SDR raw data files in .WAV format can be downloaded. The files are zipped to make download easier by avoiding Windows Media Player trying to play the wideband recordings. Many of these .wav files have sampling frequencies that would seem faulty to ordinary .wav editors and other software intended for music or audio in general, but for SDR (software defined radio) any sampling speed is fine - as long as the computer is fast enough to handle it and the program is intended to handle the speed.


The purpose of the pages I have made available here is to show how various interference problems can be handled by use of Linrad. This is demonstrated with loudspeaker output recordings for conventional detectors as well as recordings of the processed output for the same sequence. They can be loudspeaker output recordings or in some cases stereo output files for head phones.

The pages have screen dumps and accompanying text that describes how to use the various interference fighting tools in Linrad. They also contain the loudspeaker output from other SDR programs and relevant screen dumps to the extent others have made them available to me.

All the data files are in stereo format. The two channels should be interpreted as I and Q from a direct conversion radio.

Impulse noise

W3CCX/B March 05 2006 (96 kHz) by W3SZ
Powerline noise during the Leonids 2001 (96 kHz) by SM5BSZ
Industrial switchpower QRM on medium waves. (2 MHz)by Mauno Ritola
Unknown source on medium waves. (2 MHz)by Mauno Ritola


ADSL switched on/off. Medium waves, 1.4 Mhz. (111 kHz)by Mauno Ritola

Overlapping AM stations

Close spaced AM stations with overlapping sidebands (125 kHz) by Jurgen Bartels.
West Coast USA at night (500 kHz) by KE7MAV


An AM signal on 90 m with many spurs (500 kHz) by Michele, IZ2EAS


10 GHz EME (192 kHz)by W6YX
Awful QRM on Medium Frequencies (196 kHz) by Bengt Inge Bengtsson
Non directional beacons (125 kHz) by PA0RDT
Spurs and impulse noise on 20m (96 kHz) by W3SZ
QRM from LCD-TV at 1 MHz. (2 MHz) by OZ6AGQ
Unknown manmade interference on MW. Day and night recordings. (2 MHz) by Paul Crankshaw

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