(Nov 20 2012)

PSA4-5043. The coupling capacitora are 1uF multilayer ceramic and the inductor that supplies DC to the chip is two series connected inductors. one is 100uH, the other is 6.8 uH. This amplifier works from 100 kHz to 1300 MHz and probably higher but I have no instruments th check that. The 6.8 uH inductor forms a series resonator with the parallel capacitance of the big inductor at about 30MHz. That resonance is completely eliminated with the two 100 ohm resistors. One parallel with each inductor. The two ground connections of the chip is soldered to a 3 mm wide copper foil that stands up from the ground plane.

PSA4-5043. Input impedance and forward gain.

PSA4-5043. Output impedance and reverse isolation.