linrad support: PCB layout for the 2.5MHz to audio converter.
(Oct 23 24 2002)
The 2.5MHz is put in production. The database for the EDWIN32 cad software can be downloaded here: RXIQEPB.ZIP (165201 bytes) packed with pkzip.

The Gerber files generated from the database as well as the NC-drill file can be downloaded here: RXIQ.ZIP (192623 bytes)

RXIQ_P.TXT is the parts list in ascii format.

The 2.5 MHz to audio converter described here is a free design. All the information on this page is free and may be used by anyone for any purpose

The first prototype in its box. The final board is nearly identical, Here is a high resolution photo of the assembled unit (1142097 bytes)

Component side.

Solder side.