From: K1SG@xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Moon-net] Upgraded computer, new issues
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2010 14:11:00 EDT
X-Mailer: AOL 9.5 sub 185

Hi fellow lunatics,

I've just upgraded my ham shack computer system with a new HD, more memory and Windows 7. By and large I'm pleased with the performance of the system, but I discovered one major bug and am still trying to solve a couple of smaller problems.

The biggest issue that I have come up against so far deals with my sound card, a Creative Software SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme. On XP, the card behaved flawlessly; using Windows 7, audio from known sources was often coming through badly distorted or almost just not there. I observed that music files (in stereo) seemed pretty normal, but voices (in mono) had a little low frequency component, and no highs at all. With assistance from John K1AE, after reinstalling drivers to no avail, we discovered that one of the "advanced features" of the software is CMSS, basically a voice extraction technology that redirects center-panned sounds into the front center speaker without altering the stereo balance. Supposed to give you the feeling you are listening to the band on stage. Unfortunately it does this by messing with the phase of signals that are mono in nature, and if you're trying to run WSJT, there's no usable output. By turning off this feature in the Sounds control panel (dig through the menus for it), audio returned to normal, and EME is once again possible (once I fix my SWR problem.) Which brings me to my next issue: in XP, I was happily running D4 to sync my computer clock to WWV. I understand that I can't do this in Win7. I know there was a thread on the topic here on Moon-net, but I think my advancing age is getting the best of me...
So question #1: How do I get around the problem?
and question #2: How do I access the moon-net archives?
br> As always, thanks for the help!

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