How to generate setup files for Linrad to use with Microsoft Windows.
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(Dec 19 2015)

Inno software

The linrad.exe file is all that is needeed to run Linrad under Microsoft Windows. There might be a need for libraries (DLL files) or text files(*.lir) as well as other files (dsp_wcw_corr etc.) Starting summer 2010 there is a Linrad installer that should hopefully make Linrad installations easier and more standardized, This page describes how to generate the Linrad installer from linrad.exe, linrad64.exe errors.lir and help.lir.


Download isetup-5.3.11.exe or whatever version is most recent. The file (or a later version) may be available here: ispack.exe

Execute the file to get the InnoIDE program installed on your computer.

Linrad files.

Download this zip archieve (44538589 bytes) and unpack it on your system. It will create a folder linrad-installers" with all the files needed. This zip file contains linrad-04.08 and all dll files as well as the sbs files for Perseus.

generating setup files.

Click the Inno Setup Compiler icon. Click File and go to the linrad-installers directory. There should be three files visible:

linrad-06.iss (will generate setup-linrad-04.08.exe)
linrad-dll-package (will generate setup-dll-02.exe)
perseus-bin-package (will generate setup-linrad-perseus-bin-package.exe) This package is not needed for linrad-04.06 and later.

Open the desired file, click Run and again Run. The desired file will be created and placed in linrad-installers\linrad\setup

In case you want to make your own installer, set the version numbers VersionMajor and VersionMinor and put your new Linrad.exe, help.lir and errors.lir in a new directory wlr.... with the appropriate version number.

The Linrad installer was created by DF9CY, Christoph Petermann.

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