Install Linux for use with Linrad (For Linux novices only)
(Apr 27 2009)

The purpose of this page.

Linrad, although derived from Linux radio is a multi-OS program so there is no need to learn how to install and use use Linux to be able to use Linrad.

There are sometimes advantages with Linux however. The bandwidth over USB 1.0 may be significantly larger and the time delay from loudspeaker may be shorter in Linux compared to Microsoft Windows. Another advantage may be that Linrad runs well under Linux on elderly computers, something that still supported versions of Microsoft Windows might not do.

On this page there are a couple of links to pages where the installation of some specific Linux distributions are described in full details including the installation of Linrad.

The installation procedures described are the simplest possible for each distribution (as I personally see it). Please note that the links below assume that you have a separate hard disk for Linux only and that no other hard disk is present in the computer during the installation process. Different distributions may behave very differently with respect to extra hard disks and you may find that the contents of a second hard disk is silently destroyed.

There are two ways to install Linux. You may have the entire distribution on a DVD or on a bunch of CDs. The other alternative is to have a single CD for the basic system and to download the rest of the distribution from the Internet.

Fedora 10 from a DVD (3.4 GB)

Ubuntu 9.04 from a CD (699 MB) and Internet

Read about the major Linux distributions here:
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