dll files for Linrad.
(Jan 7 2018)
Here are links to the dll files needed by linrad-04.10 and later.

linrad-dll-files05.zip (8777509 bytes) This file has to be unzipped into this directory: C:\Linrad\dll

As an alternative there is an installer: setup-dll-05.exe (4724101 bytes) You may execute it witout saving the download. It will create c:\linrad\dll and place the contents of linrad-dll-files05.zip there.

Below is a complete list of the dll files Linrad might need. They are all included in the dll package.

airspy.dll Airspy airspy.com
airspyhf.dll Airspy HF+ airspy.com
bladeRF.dll BladeRF nuand.com
ftd2xx.dll SDR-14 rfspace.com
G31DDCAPI.dll Excalibur winradio.com
inpout32.dll WSE - the parallell port sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/optrx.htm
libftdi.dll Soft66 http://zao.jp/radio/soft66ad , Elektor www.elektor.com
libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll Needed by libmirisdr.dll.
libusb0.dll Soft66 http://zao.jp/radio/soft66ad , optional for WSE parallel port and si570.
libusb-1.0.dll Perseus, Airspy, rtlsdr, mirisdr, BladeRF.
linrad-dll-version.txt Text file containing the version number for the dll package.
mirisdr.dll SDRplay sdrplay.com MSi3101 www.mirics.com/sites/default/files/MSi3101_new.pdf
msvcp120.dll support for bladeRF.dll.
msvcr100.dll support for bladeRF.dll and airspy.dll.
msvcr120.dll support for bladeRF.dll.
palir-01.dll Portaudio for soundcards.
palir-02.dll Portaudio for soundcards.
palir-03.dll Portaudio for soundcards.
palir-04.dll Portaudio for soundcards.
perseus125k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus192k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus1d6m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus1m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus250k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus2m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus48k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus500k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus95k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseus96k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
perseususb.dll Perseus HF receiver. microtelecom.it
portaudio.dll Portaudio for soundcards.
pthreadVC2.dll support for bladeRF.dll.
pthreadVCE2.dll support for bladeRF.dll.
rtlsdr.dll rtl-sdr sdr.osmocom.org/trac/wiki/rtl-sdr
soft66.dll Soft66 zao.jp/radio/soft66ad
x64\airspy.dll 64 bit library for Airspy airspy.com
x64\airspyhf.dll 64 bit library for Airspy HF+ airspy.com
x64\bladeRF.dll 64 bit library for BladeRF
x64\ftd2xx.dll 64 bit library for SDR-14, SDR-IQ
x64\inpout64.dll 64 bit library for WSE - the parallell port
x64\libusb0.dll 64 bit library for Soft66, optional for Si570 and WSE.
x64\libusb-1.0.dll 64 bit library for Perseus, Airspy, rtlsdr, mirisdr, BladeRF.
x64\mirisdr.dll 64 bit library for SDRplay sdrplay.com
x64\perseus125k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus192k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus1d6m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus1m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus250k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus2m24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus48k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus500k24v21.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus95k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseus96k24v31.sbs Perseus HF receiver.
x64\perseususb.dll 64 bit library for Perseus HF receiver.
x64\portaudio.dll 64 bit library for Portaudio for soundcards.
x64\pthreadVC2.dll 64 bit library for support for bladeRF.dll.
x64\rtlsdr.dll 64 bit library for rtl-sdr sdr.osmocom.org

Here is info about libraries for Linrad. Source code and how to compile. Info relevant to old as well as new versions of Linrad. (The GNU license requires sharing of source code. Normal Linrad users need not to worry about this.)

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