Default directories for Linrad under Linux and PC-BSD
(Part of SM 5 BSZ home page)
(June 29 2011)

Running as root.

Personally I always run as root because I do not want to have to worry about permissions. The Linrad directories can then be placed directly under home like this:


This is practical if the Linux installation is used mainly for Linrad.

Running as a regular user.

It is generally recommended to run software as a regular user. "For security reasons." If you do that the following directories might be the conventional choice:


A Linrad user must have permission to write in the directory /home/linrad_data/ in order to save files by just giving a file name. Without permission it will be necessary to give the file name with the full path to a directory where you can write.

Alternatively you might want to change these lines in options.h:

#define GIFDIR "/home/linrad_data/"
#define WAVDIR "/home/linrad_data/"
#define RAWDIR "/home/linrad_data/"

This is a possible choice:

#define GIFDIR "/home/current_user/linrad/linrad_data/"
#define WAVDIR "/home/current_user/linrad/linrad_data/"
#define RAWDIR "/home/current_user/linrad/linrad_data/"

Note that the /home/current_user/linrad/linrad_data/ directory must exist before Linrad can be used to save any file in it.

In case you want to use the EME data base while running as a regular user you must have permissions for the directory /home/emedir/ or alternatively you can change the below lines in lvar.c to specify another directory.

char *eme_own_info_filename={"/home/emedir/own_info"};
char *eme_allcalls_filename={"/home/emedir/allcalls.dta"};
char *eme_emedta_filename={"/home/emedir/eme.dta"};
char *eme_dirskd_filename={"/home/emedir/dir.skd"};
char *eme_dxdata_filename={"/home/emedir/linrad_dxdata"};
char *eme_call3_filename={"/home/emedir/CALL3.TXT"};
char *eme_error_report_file={"/home/emedir/location_errors.txt"};